General Terms of Use

Terms of use

These Terms of Use (hereafter referred to as 'Terms') govern the relationship between the 'Service Provider' (hereinafter defined) and any person who accesses the Site (hereinafter referred to as 'the Terms') and uses its contents and features in any way (hereinafter referred to as " 'Visitors').

Together, the Service Provider and Visitors will be referred to as 'the Parties' hereinafter.

general conditions

Use of any of the features and options offered by the Service Provider at and its mobile apps (hereinafter referred to as 'Page') and the information, materials and links contained therein are subject to the Terms as what is stated. Apart from the written consent of the Service Provider, the Terms completely regulate the relationship between the Service Provider and the Visitor when it comes to the use of the Site or any of the functions offered on the Site.

The visitor's obligation to read the Terms carefully to understand them before using the Site. Visitor Visiting a Page is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the Terms without the need for further explanations.

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify, supplement, suspend or revoke these Terms from time to time if it deems it necessary.

The Service Provider recommends the Visitor to regularly read the contents of this site. If he uses the Site, the Visitor is deemed to agree to the Terms and Conditions, including the latest changes, regardless of whether the visitor is aware that the change has occurred.

The Service Provider is not obligated to check that all Visitors use the Site according to the latest Terms. That version of the Terms that is currently posted on the Site is a valid version.

The site may only be used within the rules specified by law. The use of the Site for the transfer, distribution, publication or storage of any information that is not in accordance with the law or the rights of any third party is strictly forbidden. This includes (without exception) the use of the Site and transfers, distributes, publishes or stores any material through the Site in a manner that violates copyrights, business secrets or any other intellectual property right, or is obscene or forbidden to juveniles, causes a sense of psychological abuse or represents insult or defamation, violates privacy or privacy laws, or is unauthorized and violates gambling laws.

In the event of abuse of the Site, the Service Provider reserves the right to de-register or block the Visitor from the Site and terminate the Visitor's account. The Service Provider reserves the right to legally sue the Visitor for such act.


The site offers an interactive web site and mobile application / feature that includes sporting information about sports events, real-time sports results, final results, match schedules, first postings and sports statistics. The results and other statistical information on the Site display the information collected from other independent sources (from third parties) or through their own efforts or through other official sites. While the Service Provider is working to regularly update the content and results or other information on the Site, we advise you to check the information posted on the Site in other sources. The Service Provider is not responsible for how the User will use the results and other information found on the Site.

Third Party Sites

The visitor accepts that any contact with a third party after visiting the Site, intentional or unintentional, and its outcome, has absolutely no connection with the Service Provider or the Service Provider is responsible for any kind of agreement or expectation arising from that contact.

Any dispute between the Visitor and the third party will not include the Service Provider in any case.

Third parties, including third parties advertised on the Site, do not have access to the personal information the Traveler has provided to the Service Provider.

Audiovisual content

The Service Provider is not responsible for the content of external pages displayed on the Site. No video content on the Site comes from the Provider's servers, nor is the Provider created or set up on the Internet.

Inactive Accounts

If the Visitor opens a Website Account but does not access it for 60 days, the Service Provider reserves the right to close the account without delay and without prior notice.

Intellectual property

Without the written permission of the Provider, Visitors may not copy, modify, use, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, upload, download or otherwise abuse the Site Content.

Any offense mentioned in the foregoing text may be a violation of the EU intellectual property law or any other law. The Service Provider and any other party authorized by it shall retain the right to seek full compensation for damages that the law permits a party that directly or indirectly violated this provision.

Mutual relationship

These Terms do not have the purpose of creating a partnership, collaboration or joint business between the Service Provider and the Visitor.

Breaking the rules

If the Visitor fails to comply with the terms set forth in the Terms or the Service Provider justifiably suspects that the Visitor directly or indirectly fails to comply with the terms set forth in the Terms, the Service Provider retains all of its legal possibilities to, at its sole discretion, either discard or block Visitors from the Site and close the User account on his behalf and all that he has to deal with, and to raise a lawsuit against the Visitor.

Legal approval

Visitors are advised to respect the laws of the country in which they live, temporarily reside or are currently in custody. The Service Provider is not responsible for any problems that the Visitor has with the local authorities due to the use of the Site.

Jurisdiction of the court and / or community

This Agreement is made and complied with the laws of the State of Malta without alignment with the laws of other States. The parties are solely subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Malta to resolve any dispute concerning this Agreement. This Agreement is not subject to the United Nations Agreement on International Trade Agreements, but is exempt from this.


The headings are intended for easier reading and better visibility of the Terms. They do not interpret the contents of the paragraph below each title. Titles do not oblige the Providers of the Service in any way whatsoever.


Any waiver of a service provider's damage due to a violation of the Terms by the Visitor does not mean that no compensation will be claimed for a re-violation of the Terms.

Fascination of responsibility

Guarantees and Warranties

We hereby point out that the Service Provider makes no representations, warranties or warranties (whether expressly or implicitly) that the Site Content is accurate and / or appropriate for any use except those warranties that can not be excluded under current Terms of Use.

The visitor uses the Site at his own risk. The site is not a lucky game site. The Site Service Provider does not offer gambling or gambling, nor does it engage in any transactions, so it is not responsible for the gambling finances. The betting odds shown on the Page are part of the information displayed on the Page.

The Service Provider does not guarantee that the pages on the Site are authorized, that the options will fully satisfy the Visitor, that they are completely safe from errors, that they are sufficient, that they are regularly updated, that the software errors are corrected immediately, that the Site has no viruses or bugs does not come to a standstill, it is always in operation, information and functions are reliable, or that all other information and functions on the Site are sufficient and reliable. Those who visit the Site do so on their own responsibility and initiative, in accordance with local laws within which they operate.

The site may contain links to sites / ads / content of third parties. They are offered for the interests and interests of Visitors and do not imply the responsibility of the Service Provider for the information contained on those sites / ads / content. The Service Provider does not warrant, whether explicitly or implicitly, for the accuracy and availability of the content or information, text, graphics that are not within its competence. The service provider has not tested the software on other sites and can not guarantee the quality, safety, reliability or suitability of the software.

Loss or damage

The Service Provider is not responsible for any damages, directly or indirectly, suffered by the Visitor or a third party as a result of the use of the Site. This includes loss of commercial loss, loss of profit, loss of earnings, betting or otherwise, termination of business, loss of commercial information or any other financial loss.

The Service Provider is not liable for any lost or lost funds on the pages of third parties that have displayed their ads on the Site.

Without limitation on the previous two articles, no liability is assumed in the following cases:

errors, misprint, misunderstanding, (non) listening, (no) reading, wrong translation, writing error, reading error, transmission error, technical error, registration error, publication error, higher force and / or a similar error;

violation of the rules of the provider of the service

This Privacy Policy is consistent with international agreements and EU directives and is governed by the Maltese Law on Data Protection (Article 440 of the Maltese Law), the Processing of Personal Data (the Electronic Communications Sector) and other Laws (Legislative Decree No 16 of 2003). which also applies to subsequent amendments). It accepts Recommendation 2/2001 from Article 29 on Protection of Work Data, adopted May 17, 2001, with minimum conditions for collecting personal information on the Internet and regulates other rules and their application.

Collecting personal information

The page does not collect personal information when Visitors only navigate to the Site. However, the Site requires the Visitor to provide some personal information when using some of the additional or advanced services that the Page offers after registration. Then the Site will request from the Visitors the consent to collect and use the Personal Data of the Visitor. When registering or in some other situations, the Site will ask the Visitor to enter their email address and password.
Visitors are not required to provide personal information or to allow the Site to collect their personal data. However, the Site can not provide all its services to Visitors who do not agree to the collection of their personal information.
And when Visitors agree to collect their personal information from the Site, they will have the right later to withdraw their consent to collect personal information if they have a valid reason.

The right of access

Visitors have the right to request from the Manager (hereinafter referred to as below) to notify them in writing of what their personal information was used for. The request is submitted to the Managing Director (hereinafter referred to as "the Manager").
The site tries to keep all personal information up to date. However, Visitors may also notify the Website about changes in their personal information.

Visitors who think their personal information is incorrect may, in writing, request the Manager to correct them. Visitors also have the right to request the Manager to block or delete their personal information if they were not used in the correct manner.

Reasons for collecting and using personal data

The personal information collected by the Site will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act (Article 440 of the Law on Malta) and other related laws for these reasons:

Communications with Visitors;

Sending forgotten passwords to Visitors to their personal account;

Sending Information Visitors to whom the Service Provider deems to be useful, such as product information, services, and commercial / marketing materials on the Site / Third Party Advertising bids co-operating with the Site;

Possibility of additional services that make it possible to edit the site to a lesser extent;

Improvement of Content Pages;

The ability to personalize the Pages according to the taste of Visitors.

Detecting Personal Data to Third Parties

The Service Provider does not sell, modify, rent or otherwise disclose the Personal Information of the Visitor to any third party without prior consent. However, in the case of the sale of the Site, personal data would be available to a third party.
The Site has the right to transfer the Personal Data of the Visitor to a third party if it receives a court order.
The site may also ask for permission to collect and use personal information for other reasons. In that case, it will promptly request permission from the Visitor.
The Service Provider reserves the right to provide third parties with statistical information about Visitors, sales, traffic and other Site-related statistical information, but without causing any damage to any of the Visitor's.

Records documents

In order to better manage the Site and gather wider demographic visitor information, the Page automatically records the IP address of all the Visitors and all pages that the Visitor has opened.

Encouraging the responsibility of cookie information

"Cookie" is information that is stored on the computer of Visitors by an internet server and is used to customize the Internet service. The site uses 'cookie' to store information about the interactions Visitors can use later on. Visitors may not accept cookie information. If you decide so, please do not use the Services provided by the Page. We use cookie information to customize your content and ads, connect you to social networks, and analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our social networking site, as well as our marketing and analytics partners. More details.


The Site and the Manager have implemented various technical and organizational measures to protect collected personal information from destruction, loss, abuse, and alteration. Despite all the efforts, the Service Provider can not guarantee that this will not happen.

Personal data retention time

Personal data is kept only as long as necessary. In case the account is inactive for 3 years, all collected personal information is deleted.

Third Party Sites

The Privacy Policy does not cover the pages of third parties. The site offers links to other sites because of Visitors. The Site is not responsible for third party content and privacy measures. Any other site Visitor Visits through the Site may not have an adequate Privacy Policy.

Accepting the Privacy Policy

Visitors' consent to the collection and use of their personal data by the Site and the Manager is subject to the Privacy Policy. Visitors are recommended to regularly review the Privacy Policy to get acquainted with it and the possible add-ons that the Website may add in the future.

Service provider

Ethno Houses Plitvice Selo, Plitvica Selo 66/1, 53231 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding this Statement, please send an e-mail to

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